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Number 6 Released in Good Company

Released another female Monarch this a.m. She was gorgeous:

Released another female Monarch this a.m. She was gorgeous:

Gotta love that face, eh? While I was waiting for her to take off, I managed to get this bad shot of a hummingbird. These are the times when I can appreciate that having - and knowing how to use - an advanced camera would be wonderful. This is what you get when you try to telephoto with an iPhone.

Honey bees are here in force, and as I said last time, bumble bee numbers are increasing. The soldier beetle numbers are impressive, and the little pearl crescent butterflies are everywhere. I'm seeing quite a lot of Red Admiral butterflies, too. I guess maybe I was just too anxious for them all to show up... And I know once the sedums are in full bloom, they'll draw in lots more. As for the Monarchs, we're definitely seeing more. I find it interesting that some of them are sort of dive bombing me. Of course, being the anthropomorphizer I am, I like to think those are the ladies I've set free flying by to say hello. (I know, I know. And cocktail hour is still hours away, so I can't even blame that...) It's August 10th. August 10th! I'd attribute time's breakneck speed to my advancing age, but even younger people are having trouble grasping how time has become a speed demon. Are we all just that busy that it seems to fly? Shannon and I lead a pretty laid back lifestyle, so I don't quite buy that explanation. I'd give my eye teeth to have Neil DeGrasse Tyson stop by for a beer and a possible explanation. He could stay as loooooooooong as he liked. Heavy sigh. (Hope Shannon doesn't read this entry.)

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