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Did I say 25?

Pfffffft. That was amateur hour. The larvae started coming out of the milkweed "woodwork" again yesterday. Twelve more from in front of the studio, and a 13th on some common milkweed out in the prairie, where I was harvesting chow for the masses. Thirty-eight now. Shannon was in town and I kept texting: get 10 containers; no, 15; better make it 20. I then came in and ordered 25 more Monarch Watch tags. These critters are pretty much a part-time job. I spent 2 hours gathering food and cleaning habitats this morning in between and during rains that rivaled the 40 days and 40 nights. Had about 8 habitats to go when I started telling the dogs I kept tripping over that I was ready to be done. Like, now. But! At the risk of jinxing everything, all chrysalides and cats look maaahvelous - aside from the 5 parasitized ones mentioned in a previous post. I'm teaming up with a science teacher at the school down the road to get some kids in on this Monarch mania. Not sure of the plan yet, but she thought it a great opportunity for the kids. Gotta spread the love to save the species, right?

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