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Shannon found 2 larvae today on the swamp milkweed, and I found one when I was getting leaves from one of the common milkweeds in the prairie. One pupated during the night, and another is in J stage. It will be a relief when they're all chrysalides. There are still 8 cats, all 4th and 5th instar now. I think. Chip Taylor emailed and said that if it's a warm fall, there's a good chance my babes will make it to Mexico. He said if they're too late, that's just how it goes sometimes, and that intervention seldom helps the late ones, so I guess we won't be driving south. I was relieved when during a walkabout in our prairies (the "old" one and the "new" one) yesterday, we saw some stiff goldenrod that still hasn't bloomed and a whole lot of aster just starting to flower. That's makes me less anxious for the butterflies that emerge, as there'll be some nectar for them to bulk up on before they head south.

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