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More Good than Bad

Damn. Had a dead caterpillar this a.m. That certainly wasn't expected, given they all looked so good yesterday. But - have another chrysalis and released butterfly number 3, another lovely lady. It really is truly wonderful to watch them take off into their new lives after raising them from an egg.

I'm still not seeing the pollinators I've been expecting. Pretty slim pickin's out there. Did catch a shot of these 4 today:

None of them are as clear as I'd hoped they'd be, but butterflies and moths are tricky to get. The bird dropping moths are one of nature's best deceptions, in my opinion. I never knew they existed until last year. This is only the 2nd one I've seen, and both times I've wondered if what I was photographing was something I actually wanted. When I took photos of one last year, I was thinking, "It can't be alive - it's got to be what it looks like. But there's something different about..." And then it flew off. This one took off before I could get some other angles.

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